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Big USA Map Demo
Choose the styles in which highlights will be rendered and other options below. For fill, "normal" uses solid color fills. The other options use an alternate image as the source of the fill. "Alternate image" requires HTML5 canvas support. In browsers that do not support it, typically Internet Explorer < 9, "normal" will be used instead.
Changing the fill style will rebind the image map. All the other options can be updated on-the-fly and changes will take effect for future selections only.

After changing options below,click Update to apply them:

The "highlight fill" and "selection fill" options cannot be changed after a map has been bound, so changing them will reset the map. All other options can be changed in real time and will affect future selections.

Image Size

You can change the size of an image just by changing the width or height attributes. Size (enter width only):

Highlight Types

Selection Styles


Choose the style in which highlights will be rendered.

Highlight fill:

Stroke (border):
Stroke width:
Stroke opacity:
Fill opacity:
Choose the style in which selections will be rendered.

Selection fill:

Stroke width:
Stroke opacity:
Fill opacity:

Enable/disable toolTips. [disabled]
Enable/disable singleSelect. [disabled]
Enable/disable isDeselectable. [enabled]
Unbind the map.
Rebind the map.
Click here to unbind, preserving state.

Get Data Out

Click here to show selected items: